Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Cake Heaven

Homemade Cakes

Sally's Sticky Ginger Cake
Flourless French Chocolate Cake
Carrot Cake
Lemon and Date Loaf
Chocolate Pastry with Pears
A Chocolate Sponge! Yum
Lemon Drizzle Cake
Jamaican Banana Cake
Morello Cherry Loaf
Chocolate Mud Cake

Delicious Deli-Wraps

Sample Menu

Humous and falafel deli-wrap with mint and yoghurt dressing

Roasted aubergine and cherry tomato quiche

Carribean Pepperpot: peppers and chilli-potatoes, slow-cooked in coconut milk

Tomatoes baked with red onion and breadcrumbs

Salata: seasonal salad vegetables chopped tiny with fresh basil and garlic vinigrette

Hunza Curry: rich and creamy sauce with apricots, cashews and cream served with a timbale of rice

Sample Menu

Honey-roasted root vegetable tart, with wholemeal pizza crust

Potato and tomato curry-filled pitta bread served with homemade coconut chutney, tamarind and cashew chutney and raita

Chickpea chilli and corriander coup served with focaccia bread and lime creme fraiche


Carrot and beetroot with wholegrain mustard

Crusted tomatoes baked with pesto bread-crumbs and parmesan



Pear, leek and Stilton pithivier

Friday, 17 July 2009

Food & Film Evenings at Kyffin.

For those who love great food and great films! We take the inspiration for our three course meals from the film we show.

Our first was 'Chocolat', we served French, vegetrian food with chocolate in each course! Not for the chocolate shy!

Then it was 'Like Water for Chocolate', a beautiful Mexican film the essence of which is the belief that whatever your emotions they are absorbed into the food you prepare. Beware!

Our most recent was the exhuberant 'Monsoon Wedding', delicious Indian food served on leaf plates and traditional thali dishes.

And next.....well, either Hukkle or The secnt of Green Papaya. What out for news.